Meet the Board
The Executive Board

President - Stephanie Mason

My name is Stephanie, and I am a 2nd year PhD researcher in Education (College of Social Sciences). Originally from Florida, I decided to trade in the sunshine and make Glasgow my forever home after falling in love with the city and its truly phenomenal people during my master’s program at UofG. After completing an undergraduate degree in Business (with a specialisation in Sport Management) and a master’s degree in Politics (International Relations), some might consider me ‘a Jack of all trades and a master of none’. However, my passion for working with diverse people from all over the world is enduring and reflected in every aspect of my life. To that, my current (PhD) research is quite interdisciplinary and centres around global citizenship identity formation. My interests include sports, animals, Bravo and Drag Race, the great outdoors, befriending strangers and enjoying food that other people cooked for me.As your president this year, I am keen to cultivate more of a large but close-knit, family-type community for PhD researchers at UofG and aim to empower other PGRs to find their own unique niche here. I adore meeting new people, so please say “hello!”(... and join us all this year!)

Twitter: SMason_UofG  |  Instagram: S.L.Mason

Treasurer - Brittnee Leyson

I’m a 3rd year PhD student originally from the United States, but have lived in France and New Zealand before now calling Glasgow my home. Although my PhD is within the Celtic Studies, my research is very interdisciplinary- covering place-names, anthropological theory, colonialism and migration studies. My thesis considers Pākehā, or European-origin, place-names in New Zealand’s Otago region utilising anthropological and onomastic methods. Outside of my research, I am a passionate advocate for Endometriosis, and volunteer with the organisation Endometriosis UK. Before pursuing a path in academia, I worked with a number of non-profit organisations particularly in roles that required experience with fundraising and grant writing, and it is this experience that I’m eager to put to use as the Treasurer of the PhD Society. In my downtime I love to read and travel- sometimes with my cat Raglan who maybe enjoys train journeys even more than I do!


Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @BrittneeLeysen

Secretary - Shweta Pandey


I am Shweta Pandey, I am a research student of Philosophy at UofG. I am a part of the PhD society with the mission to contribute to the university and to incorporate a sense of belonging amongst new and old students by creating a community experience in spite of the diversity in the University. My empathetic attitude towards people and the insight to understand them has helped me over the years to learn a lot from others and work on my own shortcomings. I am not only a part of minorities of Philosophy group in the department but also the women's launch movement. These have helped me evolve as an individual.


I believe that everyone should feel included once they step in the University and I am working towards making this experience as wonderful as possible for all the students. Doing research can be a very hectic and mundane job at the same time and it becomes easier when you have the right people to guide you through it. I am here to help you!


You can also find me on Instagram @shweta.pandey1593

Pillar Officers

Marketing Officer - Chloe Fyfe

I’m Chloe and I am going into my second year as a Doctoral Researcher in the College of Arts. My research focuses on the role of the free port mechanism within the global art market, with specialist interest in financial crime and art law. My hope is to effect regulatory reform by bringing to light the corruption in the market.

As this years Marketing Officer, my focus will be promoting and expanding the society in order to foster a greater sense of community among researchers at the university. The overwhelming consensus from other PhD’s is how isolating research can be, and we are focused on creating a supportive and social network.


I am originally from a small village in the north west of Scotland, near the Isle of Skye, but I have lived in Glasgow for seven years now and it really has become my home. When I am not researching, you will either find me slinging cocktails or drinking them! I love good food and great drinks! I also love to travel, visit art galleries, and take photos (mainly of my cat!)


You can find me on Instagram @chloehannahff

Community Officer - Molly Gilmour

I’m a 2nd year PhD student, I grew up in a village in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland although Glasgow has been my home now for a few years (with a few stops in Greece, Spain and the Netherlands for work in-between). I’m a participatory qualitative researcher, and my PhD asks how refugee healthcare in Lebanon can be more efficient and culturally appropriate. I’m passionate about refugee rights, humanitarian medical care and community engagement. I believe it’s the mix of my passion for community engagement alongside being lucky to grow-up in a tiny community in Ireland that led me to apply for the ‘Community Officer’ role in the PhD Society. Aside from my PhD, I really passionate about learning languages and I love cycling, camping and hiking (anything where I can be outdoors – a MASSIVE bonus about living in Scotland!).


Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @MVGilmour

Empowerment Officer - Daniel O'Mally 

I am going into my 2nd year as a PhD student having studied my Masters in Political Communications here at the University of Glasgow and my undergrad at the University of Aberdeen. I grew up in Glasgow but had not live here for 7 years before returning for my Masters and PhD. In those 7 years I worked in front line party politics managing campaigns, travelled around the world for a year and lived in London. My PhD research is seeking to create a framework to identify the factors that influence a political party’s choice of issue during a referendum campaign. With my previous work in party politics and studies in politics and international relations, I am passionate about representation at all levels from community to regional, national and transnational. This is what drove me to put myself forward for the role of Empowerment Officer as I believe the existing structures of PhD representation at the University are inadequate to tackle the unique issues which PhDs face. Outside of the PhD bubble, I work part time in a bookstore and go rock climbing whenever I can. I am also a Community Councillor for my local area, and I am part of a campaign to get a community park built in the Merchant City. So, you can basically always find me campaigning for something or talking politics.


Always happy to be contacted via Twitter & Instagram @danzs9

Research Officer - Giulia Core

am Giulia, a 1st year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up and did my undergrad in Italy, while I studied as a postgrad in Sweden. With my research, I hope to make the diagnosis of infectious diseases more accessible in low-resource areas, where routine testing is currently not possible, through the realisation of a device that easily works outside laboratory settings. My dream is to positively impact human welfare and to actively contribute to the process of building affordable health. Since I was a kid I have been extremely curious, passionate about science and technology, and enthusiastic about people. I strongly believe in the innovative potential that the synergy of different people can have. As “Research Officer” in the PhD society, I would love to create spaces to learn new skills and develop new ideas at our own pace. I will listen to your ideas and help in creating new opportunities for extracurricular workshopping and lecture series.  I would love to hear your experiences and your stories! 


Feel free to reach me out via Facebook or Twitter @core_giulia

Well-Being Officer - Beth Amelia Cloughton 

Hi everyone, I’m Beth (she/her) and a Yorkshire lass. My PhD is in collaboration with Baltic Street Adventure Playground in the East-end, looking at ethics of consumption and food sovereignty. I’m based in Management, but my background is in Global Health (MSc)-looking at refugee and asylum seeker community wellbeing and food culture, and Social Anthropology (BA). I have worked with a feminist organisation and the Scottish Parliament, volunteered with refugee-support charities and interned at the WHO and Gender and Mine Action Programme. Wellbeing is central to my personal and professional interests, and in my role of Wellbeing Officer I’d like to raise the importance of emotions, resilience and balance.


You can catch me on twitter: @b_researcher


Diversity Officer - Adriana Sanchez 

Hi! I'm Adriana, a 2nd year PhD researcher in philosophy. I'm originally from Barcelona,Spain, but I've been in the UK for the last 5 years. I've a background in psychology & cognitive science, and my research is at the intersection between those two disciplines and philosophy. My research investigates sleep and dreaming and looks at which are the most simplest forms of consciousness we can have. I'm kind of a nerd and I love research and sharing my work with others. Whilst I like academia, I think our generation has an important role to play in changing some of the narratives attached to the toxicity we find in this sector.


As 'Diversity Officer' I'd like to make my contribution to make academia a more healthy, inclusive and diverse environment for all. On my free time I like to explore lil gems around and about Scotland, visit new places and hang out with friends. 


You can find me on Twitter @hawally_

Careers Officer - Rakshita Dhar

Hello there! My name is Rakshita, I'm a 2nd year PhD student, I grew up in Mumbai,India. I came to Glasgow in October 2019 with the dream of completing my Doctorate degree in Engineering. I am a device modelling researcher, through my PhD I can help cancer patients by making customised medicines, this can be achieved by developing an efficient and highly sensitivity nano-biosensor which identifies different peptides in low concentration. This Sensor when developed with different surface functionalization can also help fight COVID 19 by detecting if a person has acquired immunity using short peptide targets for SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies.I'm passionate about how research blends with the practical impact it has on the real world.This has inspired me to apply for being a 'Career Officer' role in PhD society. Besides this I am also interested in human rights, business and politics. Apart from this I enjoy drawing/painting , craft, dancing and playing/learning any outdoor sport!



My insta account is @followrakshita and I also have an art account @iartbyheart.

College Representatives

Social Sciences Officer - Ahmed Mirza

My name is Ahmed Mirza; I am 27 years old and am entering my second year as a PhD(R) candidate at the University of Glasgow. I am the College of Social Science Representative in the PhD Society. Attending an international school with over 90 different nationalities instilled the importance of empathy. It further re-enforced a ‘one size fits all’ approach was ineffective in dealing with issues. Having such a unique background allows me to be able to effectively communicate with a wide array of PhD students present in the society and the college alike strengthening the ‘community’ aspect pillar of the PhD society.

My thesis examines uncertainty avoidance and its impact on SME (small-medium size enterprises) business rates. Indeed, the relevance of such a topic currently makes this work highly engaging.

In my spare time when not engaged in my research, I enjoy watching absolutely rubbish films and attempting to read books outside of my subject area.


Hope to see you all at the socials and other events soon!’



Science & Engineering Officer - Hannah Doran

II am a 1st (going into 2nd) year PhD student within the School of Engineering. My research involves implementing an effective waste heat recovery system at the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle, by harnessing the decay heat emitted from radioactive waste that sits idle for long periods of time during the interim and long-term disposal stages. As the Science and Engineering Rep, I hope to improve collaboration between the College and the PhD society and ensure PGR’s are effectively signposted from the society to their school appointed student reps. This will ensure PGR’s are aware of future events within their School in addition to presenting opportunities and voicing their concerns to the student reps. In my free time I am a Zumba enthusiast, and you will often see me outside when the sun is shining exploring new places. When I’m not outside, I love to wind down to a good Disney or Studio Ghibli movie after a long week at the office. I also enjoy playing board games and computer games

Arts Officer - Luz Caceres Paton

I’m a 2nd year PhD student. My research explores testimonial theatre as a space of resistance, epistemic justice and democratic practice in the socio-political context of Guatemala and El Salvador. I am a qualitative researcher with a strong focus on ethnography and collaborative methodologies. I was born and raised in El Salvador although I have lived abroad for almost a decade now. Glasgow has been my home since 2012 and I love being a Glaswegian! My professional background in teaching and student advising as well as my interest in creating a community with other doctoral researchers motivated me to apply for the ‘Arts Rep’ role in the PhD society. My goal for the coming year is to streamline practical knowledge regarding services and opportunities for PGRs across the College of Arts. I am very excited to work towards enhancing communication and expanding networks in our college. My interests include cooking (I love researching and trying out new recipes from around the world!), horror films & podcasts, reading & writing creepy pastas, science magazines, feminist activism with the Feministas Hispanohablantes de Glasgow and going to the sauna & the swimming pool. I love meeting new people so don’t be shy and say hello!


Twitter @DulcineaCaPa


MVLS Officer - Hannah Baer 

I am a 3rd year PhD student, born and bred in Hamburg, Germany and am your new MVLS officer. After a year of “finding myself” in Australia, I started my undergrad in Dundee. I moved to Glasgow for an MSc in Immunology and enjoyed the life in my Glasgow West End bubble so much, I stayed for my PhD. The immune system has fascinated me ever since I started studying biology, especially in the context of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The research interest of my PhD is the immune system of patients with IBD. Researching a clinical project is very rewarding and motivating for me because I can work with the people that I am trying to make a difference for. During my time as an undergrad I developed a big interest in student representation. I have been part of the GUSRC as PG MVLS convenor since 2019 and am excited to work together with the UofG PhD Society to provide a space for PGRs to interact and exchange their experiences and to ultimately improve the way we are currently represented within the university. Outside of work, I enjoy running, playing tennis and piano and adventures in the outdoors. I have a big weakness for sparkling wine and pizza (you’ll probably spot me in the Paesano’s queue more often than you should).


 Twitter @hun95

Ordinary Board Members

David Peters

Laura Comincini

David Currie

Lisi Karjus

Ekaterina Tolstukha